Babywearing in the Winter: 4 Tips for Keeping it Comfy and Safe

Author: Nicole Hempeck  Date Posted:16 September 2013 

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The Winter months are upon us! When you are babywearing during these chilly months, we want you and your baby to be as safe and snug as possible. Follow these four quick tips for safely wearing your baby in the winter months. 

Tip #1 Think thin layers

If you're planning to wear your baby outside in the winter elements, dress them in thin layers. You want them properly covered, without overheating.

Tip #2 Wear an oversized coat

Once you have baby in their carrier, throw on a large coat that will zip up around you and baby. There are also babywearing coats that you can purchase. 

Tip #3 Watch for overheating

Your body heat, the carrier and the large coat will all work together to keep baby extra snug and warm. 

Tip #4 Avoid slick fabrics

When dressing baby for the cold outdoors, avoid slippery fabrics that are often used with outwear while babywearing to avoid baby slipping out of the fabric of your carrier. 

Read the below graphic below for additional information on these four tips and pin it for easy reference later! Check out additional carrier FAQ's, our Safety FAQ's and  

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